Happiness Jars


You might be feeling crafty and you’re looking for a DIY gift for valentines day. Afterall, handmade gifts speak more feelings than the ones bought in the mall.  What better way to show love this valentines day than to make our loved ones happy?

Presenting… the “Hapiness Jar Craft”
I got this idea from Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of Eat, Pray and Love). I gave my husband a happiness jar for his birthday last month and it really made him happy (In fact, I think he liked the happiness jar better than the mango cake that came with it).  So this year, my students’ valentine present for their parents is a Happiness Jar. It’s really easy and fun to do and it makes a GREAT  gift.

Andrea Reiser mentioned in her site 10 reasons why you should make a Happiness jar for your family:

1. It reminds you to focus on happy, positive stuff.

2. Focusing on happy, positive stuff lifts your spirits.

3. It’s something that all family members can do—even little dudes can draw a picture of something that makes them happy.

4. It’s a great way not just to count—but to name and remember—life’s blessings.

5. It elevates the small things that brighten your day.

6. It reinforces gratitude—and gratitude can increase happiness levels by 25%!

7. It gives you a place to share and savor joy with your family.

8. It brings a smile to reach in and read random happiness slips, especially when you’re feeling down.

9. It reminds you of what makes your family members happy.

10. It’s 100% fun, no stress, totally optional, quick—and who can resist a big jar of sweetness that has zero calories?

happiness jars2

Give the gift of happiness this love season. Happy Valentines!

Click on the link to download the step by step procedure in PDF: Happiness Jars





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