Arts and Crafts Summer Workshop 2015

Hi there! The summer break was a busy but artful month. after a month of fun arts and crafts, I’d like to share my students’ projects.

We did some pretty cool collage. We started the class off with some paper printing techniques:

printed paper 1

Then, we turned the printed papers into animal collage inspired by Eric Carle.

eric carle 1

We also made other collage inspired by Gustav Klimt and Wayne Thiebaud:

Gustav Klimt Collage 1

Ice Cream Collage

We also made some watercolor resist painting projects…

Vinent van Gogh Flowers

watercolor resist painting 1

…Impressionist Inspired Paintings…

Impressionst Painting 2

Impressionist Painting 1

…News paper relief sculpture…

relief sculpture

…and of course, our summer workshop won’t be complete without crafts.

Animal Paper Puppets

animal puppets


Fuzzy Dream Catchers

dream catchers

Felt Cloth and Laddle Puppets (by children 1 1/2- 4) of Teacher Liezel’s class

wooden puppets

Here’s a peek of our art show last May 28-29, 2015 at BRIGHT Academy.

art show 2

I know classes have just started, but I’m already excited for next summer.


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