How to Draw a Sheep in 7 Easy Steps

Here’s a quick and easy way to draw a sheep that young (or even older) kids will surely enjoy.

Step 1: Draw a letter U.

Step 2: Draw a curvy letter v on each side.

Step 3: Draw a cloud shape in the middle of the letter U. This makes the sheep’s head.

Step 4: Draw a bigger cloud around the head to form the sheep’s fluffy body.

Step 5: For the legs, draw 4 letter w below the cloud shape but extend the sides a bit longer.  Draw a line at about 1/3 of the w to make the hoofs.

Step 6: Now lets draw the face of the sheep. Put 2 dots for the eyes. An inverted triangle for the nose, and an inverted letter y for the mouth.

Step 7: Add some more curve lines around the body to make the wool look fluffier.

Now you have a sheep. Make a herd of them.




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