How to Draw a Face

I remember when I was in preschool, I found it challenging to draw a person’s face. Thankfully, an older cousin taught me how to do it using simple shapes (That started a childhood of paper doll making obsession, but thats another story).

In here, let me share with  you quick and easy steps to draw a face (for beginners).

Step 1: Draw an oval or a circle. Draw a standing line to divide the oval into two. Now imagine dividing the oval into three. Draw two horizontal or sleeping slightly curve lines to make three parts.

Step 2: On first horizontal line, draw the eye brows by making two curve lines. Draw the nose by making a curvy letter “L” on the second intersecting line.

Step 3: For the eyes,draw two lines curving down just like the eye brows; then draw a circle below them. The eyes and nose should be located on the second part of the oval. Next, draw the mouth on the third part of the oval, below the nose. Draw a line curving up and a smaller line curving down below it.

Step 4: Place two more curve lines on each side of oval for the ears. Point your pencil on the portion where the curve of the eyes end. Draw a curve towards the second horizontal line (on the part where the nose also ends).

Step 5: Place the hair of the first or top most part of the oval’s division. Make the hairline by connecting the left side of the oval to the right side using curve lines. Then, draw an arc from the left ear to the right.

Trace your drawing with a pen or marker and erase the pencil marks.

(from the Artsand Crafts 2017 Summer Workshop Manual).

Portrait Painting by the Grade 4 Students (SY 2016-2017)


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