Impressionist Painting

This week, we experimented on the different mark making techniques and applied the lesson by painting this textured landscape. 


1. Canvas (8×10)

2.  Acrylic Paints

3. Paint brush

4. Cotton buds

5. Palette

6.  Kitchen Sponge (optional)

Lesson Duration: 2 to 3 Meetings

My students were a heterogeneous group with ages 6-10 years old with varied skills in drawing and painting so I did directed drawing and painting approach.


1. Choose a picture to sketch. I chose a simple landscape scene here but I think doing a portrait or still life would make an equally great outcome.

 (I will post a directed landscape drawing tutorial later on and update this.)
2. Paint the spaces with their basic colors (ex. blue for the water, ochre for sand, hues of orange, yellow and red for the sky and black for the mountain’s silhouette).

3.  Set the painting aside and let it dry.     

4. Once the paint is completely dried, cover the spaces of the painting in dots using cotton buds.  Create light and dark shades by using nuetral tones like black and white or analogous tones.

5.  For the sand, paint some light brown shade on the kitchen sponge and press it on the area of the sand.

6. Paint the trunk of the coconut tree brown.

7. Paint the leaves of the coconut with green by simply tracing the lines with dots using cotton buds. 


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